Where should you start?

Download here a handy planner for jotting down your ideas. Think of the things that you have both said you'd like to do one day and think of other things that your recipient would love to do too.

I’ve listed some ideas below - you can also check out my Instagram @boxoftwelve and my blog for regularly posted prompts and ideas too. 

You can make them as expensive or inexpensive as you like and the beauty of Box of Twelve means you can mix and match.

Get ready to create a memorable year ahead!


Free things to do...

- Cook a special meal at home or breakfast in bed with the works!

- Go for a walk somewhere close by that perhaps you haven't been to before, a place of interest, local hills or gardens or a local city or town, or a favourite place to go to of yours. Check out when flowers are in bloom and pick a place to go and see them.

- A day at the beach or local park to chill out, read and relax. Take a blanket and a picnic.

- A day, afternoon or evening at home playing your favourite games of watching your favourite movies with snacks.


Inexpensive things to do...

- A class or block of classes i.e. dance, boxing, pottery, horse riding, climbing, skiing etc. etc

- A visit to the cinema, treats included.

- Dinner out.

- Put a relaxing essential oil in one of the boxes, to go in the bath for a chilled out evening for your recipient. On the evening you can add to it to create pure relaxation, put out candles and add bubbles as you wish.

- Visit a local attraction, a castle, museum or stately home. Are they interested in any particular parts of history? i.e. War History - try the Imperial War Museum; Kings and Queens - try Hampton Court Palace.

- Plan a weekend away at a hotel, bed & breakfast or camping.

- Wine or beer tasting.

- Make something together. Paint pottery, plant some seeds, make truffles at home.

- Go to a local festival, literature, food, science, music etc.

- A national event such as the Chelsea Flower Show in May.

- A local concert such as in the Town Hall or Cathedral for awesome acoustics. Particularly good at Christmas.

- A spa day.


The sky is the limit...

- A European City break. Flights, hotel and sightseeing whilst you are there.

- Dinner at a fancy restaurant. Make it personal: the cuisine of their heritage or their favourite food.

- A road trip in an area you haven't been before. Cornwall, the Lake District or Scotland for example. In some parts of Scotland and Northumberland in the winter months you can see the Northern Lights.

- Tickets to see a show. For example a music concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a stage show in London or to see their favourite band.

- Tickets to a festival.

- A holiday. Anywhere. The Maldives. Iceland. Thailand. Morocco. A cruise.

- Skydiving or a hot air balloon ride.

- A spa weekend.

- A weekend away in a 5 star hotel.

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Extra stuff to add...

- An essential oil

- Some tea lights

- Mini chocolates

- Packets of seeds to plant in the month they need to be sown.

- Necklace or ring

- A folded up love note



Your recipient may be devoted to a certain sport, pastime, hobby, genre, film or book character for example. You could theme your Box of Twelve gift to reflect this.

They may love Harry Potter or the Grand Tour, football or golf, mountain climbing or biking. They may have aspirations of learning to sail or fly, ski or snowboard, ride a horse or go rock climbing...

The Box of Twelve will enable you to gift this to them with a time frame to adhere to, to make those aspirations a reality and make those passions the basis of a unique and individual year.