Frequently Asked Questions

"How much notice is required?"

Original: 5-7 days, Wedding: 5-7 days, Concierge: discretionary depending on when it is required for. Please get in touch with me at for more information. 

"What can it be purchased for?"

Any occasion. A birthday, anniversary, Christmas, as a wedding gift or for any other occasion.

"Who can it be purchased for?"

Any special person, a partner, loved one, a parent, friend, child. Whoever you would like to spend more time with and treat with a special gift. 

"Do you open all the boxes on the same day or one each month?"

It's entirely up to you. As the gift giver, you can specify that the recipient can open them all on the day you give them the gift, or that they should open each box in the corresponding month. 

"I would like to purchase a Box of Twelve, but some of the tickets I'd like are not on sale yet, what do I do?"

This happened with me as I gave my Box of Twelve as a Christmas present, so tickets to Christmas concerts in the following December were not yet available. I made a reminder for myself for later in the year to check the tickets that were available and I then booked accordingly. It's okay to be vague if required, i.e. 'a Christmas Concert in Cheltenham' or 'a talk at the Literary Festival'.