“Receiving my Box of Twelve was like receiving the best present ever. I got it for Christmas and everything else paled in comparison. I felt really loved, it was really thoughtful and tailored to me. I went into the new year looking forward to the plans we now had in place and looking forward to doing them” HH, Dorset

"I opened my Box of Twelve on my Birthday morning. I was blown away by the thought and effort to which my partner had gone to surprise me. She's thought about something really special and personal to us to do each month and I honestly smiled wider and wider as I opened each box. I really look forward to each month's treat and I was pretty chuffed it meant she thought I was worth sticking around another year for!! I want to get one for my parent's anniversary too." SP, Hereford

"I loved this idea as soon as I heard about it but the planning of the experiences got me a bit overwhelmed. I spoke with Zonnie and she helped me plan it all out, thinking about what events were on that suited my partner and also consideration of the weather (going to the beach in July rather than November etc.) simple stuff but sensible to think about. It made it a breeze for me afterwards and I bought little extras to put in each box as well (vegan chocolates!). My partner loved it and ironically I took all the credit! Happy days. I can't recommend this gift enough." JN, Essex  

"I loved the box as soon as I saw it and I love that it is all environmentally conscious and doesn't use plastic. I wanted to buy something that would be really special and memorable for my sister in the countdown to our 30th next year, and something really thoughtful for her to open. What I didn't realise is how much I would enjoy it too, the box, writing the cards, the flowers, and how exciting it was putting it all together. I couldn't wait for her to open it! She cried when she did and it was an emotional and special time! I can't wait to do all the things I've planned, culminating in a trip to New York next year for our 30th. This present is everything and more. Thank you." CB, Herefordshire

“I got my husband a Box of Twelve gift box for his birthday last week and thought I would share since he loved it so much. It is such a great idea for someone who is into experiences over physical gifts. It is also low waste (compostable and reusable), can be made to fit any budget and you are supporting a small independent business . I could say so much more that I love about this gift…” @lunalovecow via Instagram

Please get in touch and let me know how you and your loved one feel about yours!